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Precision Performance Nutrition

Starts on 7th January 2020 @ 19:00

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  • 7 sessions €600


  • Dublin Deer Park Golf Complex, Howth, Co. Dublin

Precision Performance Nutrition is a personalised sports nutrition course designed to help athletes develop individualised nutrition strategies to optimise recovery and performance.  

Delivered by experienced Performance Nutritionist, Dr Alan Kennedy, the course involves 7 one-to-one sessions conducted in our Sports Nutrition Clinic, or video conference call to suit all participant locations and schedules. 

This course is for; 

  • Performance orientated athletes engaged in individual or team sports who wish to optimise food and fluid intake to support optimal performance in, and recovery from, training and competition. 

The aims of the course are to; 

  • Assess and evaluate current athlete nutritional intake.
  • Provide current, evidence-based performance nutrition intake recommendations to the individual athlete. 
  • Develop appropriate nutrition strategies relative to training and competition schedules and key performance targets of the athlete.
  • Advise and provide evidence-based recommendations on supplement use to support the individual athlete's performance nutritional recommendations where appropriate.
  • Provide expert support and solutions to the athlete to meet personalised performance nutritional recommendations.

The outcomes of the course for the athlete are; 

  • Quantitative evaluation of dietary intake at the course start and periodically throughout.
  • Receipt of personalised performance nutritional intake recommendations.
  • Awareness and ability to periodise nutritional intake relative to training and competition load and objectives.
  • Knowledge of when to supplement performance nutritional intake in a safe and effective manner. 
  • Receipt of follow-up online support subsequent to each session to assist with the practical achievement of personalised performance nutritional intake targets.

 To read an interview with Course Director, Dr Alan Kennedy, click here.