European Council of Eating Disorders

At the 5th Irish National Eating Disorders Conference in Dublin it was announced that the next meeting for the European Council on Eating Disorders (ECED) will be held in Belfast, September 23 - 25 2021. All professional who are passionate about helping those overcome their eating disorders are being encouraged to SAVE the DATE. To know more about this event please click here  (At time of writing the website is underdevelopment so please watch this space). 

healthpro are thrilled to have the date so far in advance so we can get planning and be there for this great event support eating disorder awareness and treatment. 

If you are affected by an eating disorder please seek help immediately. Early intervention is key to long term outcomes. To get help please go to your doctor (GP) and ask to be referred to an experienced psychotherapist and dietitian. 

healthpro hosts a growing directory of those skilled in the treatment of eating disorders. For an experienced psychotherapist please click here and for an experienced dietitian please click here. The important part of treatment is to ensure you build a team that will work together with you and your family. Once you establish an initial team that team will recommend other skills as required such as body image, family therapy, CBT, DBT. Early intervention is key. Do not be silent, speak out and seek help. Recovery is possible.  

Published on 28 February 2020 | Back to February Articles