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Family Nutrition

Starts on 20th January 2020 @ 19:00

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  • 4 sessions €480


  • Dublin Deer Park Golf Complex, Howth, Co. Dublin

Family Nutrition is a unique nutrition and dietetic service designed to help families develop the necessary knowledge and skills to optimise their nutritional intake. The course also helps to optimise the weekly food spend and to reduce food-associated environmental impact.  

Delivered by registered healthpro dietitians, the course involves 4 highly interactive sessions, conducted in a range of settings from our clinic offices, to the family home, to the local supermarket.

This course is for; 

  • Families who wish to improve their collective food and fluid intake and thereby enhance their health and wellbeing and their contribution toward food sustainability.   

The Aims and Objectives of the course are to; 

  • Assess and evaluate current familial nutritional intake.
  • Provide current, evidence-based nutrition recommendations to the family unit. 
  • Develop appropriate nutrition strategies relative to existing work, education, and social schedules.
  • Assess the current skills and knowledge of the family unit on food purchasing, storage, and prepartion and provide practical recommendations and advice to support improved practice where appropriate.
  • Reduce food waste and household expenditure.
  • Provide expert support and solutions to the family to meet their nutritional recommendations.

The Outcomes of the course for the family are; 

  • Quantitative evaluation of familial dietary intake at the start and in advance of course conclusion.
  • Receipt of personalised familial nutritional intake recommendations.
  • Awareness and ability to plan and strategise for familial nutritional intake relative to prevailing work, education, and social schedules.
  • Development and expansion of current familial food purchasing, storage and prepartion skills and knowledge.
  • Improved household economics and improved longterm sustainability. 
  • Receipt of follow-up online support subsequent to each session to assist with the practical achievement of familial nutritional intake targets.