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  People are choosing plant-based diets for various reasons, from its' many associated health benefits, to environmental and ethical concerns,

13 December 2016 |  more ...

On the Menu Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

  Well-planned vegetarian diets, that exclude meat, fish and poultry and contain a variety of plant-based protein foods, such as soy products,  b

13 December 2016 |  more ...

Vegetarian Athlete

The health benefits of a plant-based diet are well-known and this diet is quickly becoming more and more popular for numerous reasons, but the question re

5 December 2016 |  more ...

A Vegan Diet Benefits and How to Avoid Nutritional  Deficiencies

In December 2014, the requirement to declare food allergens on prepacked food was extended to include non-prepacked foods by the Food Informatio

28 November 2016 |  more ...

Allergen Awareness among Food Service Staff

  A food allergy occurs when the immune system incorrectly responds to specific substances within foods known as allergens. The immune system reco

23 November 2016 |  more ...

Food Allergy or Intolerance
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