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Public health consensus suggests that the Irish diet could be richer in fish, particularly so given our island nation status. Evidence that oily fish consum

11 October 2017 |  more ...

Why you should be a Fishy Business

Kerrigan’s Craft Butchers have long since appreciated and valued consumer health and nutrition. Their partnership with healthpro Menu Mentoring&r

10 October 2017 |  more ...

Kerrigans Craft Butchers

Increasingly, people are taking an active interest in their health and nutritional needs and a majority of customers want to make informed choices about the

11 September 2017 |  more ...

Why Menu Label

Cardio vascular disease, or CVD, ranks as one of the nation's major health concerns, with hundreds of Irish people diagnosed with the condition ev

11 September 2017 |  more ...

WANTED Cardiac patient seeks suitable menu option

Food waste continues to be a chronic problem for many Irish food businesses, impacting negatively on what may otherwise be highly satisfactory pro

11 September 2017 |  more ...

Could your business reduce food waste and increase profits
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