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Café Sora, located in Dublin 2, are well known for their fresh deli and barista style coffee. healthpro's Menu Mentoring team work wit

1 March 2018 |  more ...

Client of the Month

Eating disorders are complex and they are often hard to understand if you are not a trained specialist. Eating disorders come in various form. To help you t

28 February 2018 |  more ...

Nine truths about eating disorders

Diabetes, categorised as Type 1 or Type 2, is a condition caused by a lack (Type 1), or insufficiency of, or insensitivity to (Type 2), the hormone insulin.

6 February 2018 |  more ...

WANTED Diabetic patient seeks suitable menu option

With locations throughout counties Dublin, Meath and Louth, Kanoodle have been providing delicious Asian-inspired cuisine for over four years to a growing c

31 October 2017 |  more ...

Restaurant Review Kanoodle Thai Chicken Satay

Fats are a vital component of the diet and are utilised as an energy source for most everyday activities. Fats are also central to a range of important biol

11 October 2017 |  more ...

Fats and Your Food Business
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