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Chicken, Avocado and Radish Salad This chicken with avocado and radish salad combines some of our favourite ingredients into a wonderfully tasteful and

3 June 2014 |  more ...

Recipe of the Month Chicken Avocado and Radish Salad

healthpro Consultant Dietitian Harriette Lynch recently appeared on TV3's Midday programme to give pre-race nutritional advice to participants in the

3 June 2014 |  more ...

healthpro Consultant Dietitian appears on TV3

healthpro Dietetic Clinic explains cholesterol Cholesterol, a naturally occuring substance produced by the liver within the body, is essential for t

3 June 2014 |  more ...

healthpro Explains Cholesterol

Billy Byrne Neuromuscular Physical Therapist  Billy is a vastly experienced and highly regarded neuromuscular physical therapist, with over thi

2 June 2014 |  more ...

Meet Billy Byrne Neuromuscular Phyiscal Therapist

This June we'd like to relate an inspirational story. Whilst raising four wonderful children and simultaneously forging a successful career in law, a lady

1 June 2014 |  more ...

 healthpro congratulates Mary Paula
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