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Lunchtime nutrition, not for dummies, but for smart people! The working lunch break presents an ideal opportunity to fuel your body with the nutrition it

16 September 2014 |  more ...

Lunchtime Nutrition not for Dummies but for Smart People

  Increasingly, people are taking an active interest in their health and nutritional needs and a majority of customers want to make informed choices a

11 September 2014 |  more ...

Your menu can say and do so much more

Menu Mentoring, September 2014 Welcome to this months' healthpro Menu Mentoring® Newsletter. In this edition we discuss upcoming EU legisla

4 September 2014 |  more ...

Menu Mentoring Newsletter September 2015

On October the 25th, 2011, the European Parliment and the Council adopted Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011on the provision of food information to consumers. T

4 September 2014 |  more ...

Food Allergen Labelling Legislation Imminent for Irish Businesses

Ed Wilson completes Isle of Wight Challenge 2014 In our June newsletter we reported on the progress of Mr Ed Wilson towards his goal of completing the 20

31 August 2014 |  more ...

A True Herculean Ed Wilson Completes the Isle of Wight Challenge 2014
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