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    BAY Restaurant, located in Clontarf, Dublin, ( continue to offer the very best in deliciously cooked, locally-sourced

3 October 2014 |  more ...

Immune Boosting Dish of the Month from BAY Restaurant

This delicious soup is brim full of wonderful nutrients. As the results of our analyses indicate below, a single serving provides a significant percentage

1 October 2014 |  more ...

Recipe of the Month Hearty Chicken and Vegetable Soup

In an extremely competitive sector of the food market, Apache Pizza, an innovative, fully Irish-owned business, are an increasing success story. Now with

1 October 2014 |  more ...

Chief among pizzas

September saw the welcome arrival of two new healthpro specialists to the team. Laoibhse Griffin holds a European Qualification Framework Leve

21 September 2014 |  more ...

Meet healthpro Personal Trainers Laoibhse and Daniel

Do you suffer from: Upper and lower back pain/sciatica Neck and shoulder pain Repetitive strain injuries Tendonitis and frozen shoulder Sports inju

19 September 2014 |  more ...

Trigger Point Dry Needling Therapy
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