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Exercising first thing in the morning can provide a great start to the day, invigorating both body and mind for the tasks ahead and also freeing up invalu

10 November 2014 |  more ...

Good Morning Muscles

 Having discovered the joys of running in later life, Limerick man John Collins trained for, and successfully completed his first Dublin Marathon in

6 November 2014 |  more ...

An inspirational story of an inspirational man

A delicious and tender meat dish, infused with herb and citrus flavours, ideal as part of a light lunch or as the centre piece of a family meal. Coeliac-f

3 November 2014 |  more ...

 Roast Pork with Fennel and Rosemary

Runner's knee and how to avoid it   Runner's knee is the common name for iliotibial band friction syndrome, a painful overuse condition that affec

21 October 2014 |  more ...

Runners knee and how to avoid it

Menu Mentoring Newsletter October 2014 Welcome to this months' healthpro Menu Mentoring® Newsletter. With the change of season around the c

15 October 2014 |  more ...

Menu Mentoring October Newsletter 2014
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