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Much abused and not surprisingly, therefore, rather injury prone, the hamstrings (the large group of muscles located on the back of the upper legs) deserv

21 April 2015 |  more ...

Love Thy Hamstrings

  Pictured are some of our recent healthpro Begin to Run members looking justifiably delighted having completed their end of course 5 km c

31 March 2015 |  more ...

Begin to Run Congratulations 5 km in 5 weeks

  Our healthpro Physical Therapy Clinic offers treatment for musculoskeletal pain, injury, and dysfunction by highly qualified and experie

15 March 2015 |  more ...

Physical Therapy Clinic

 Access our expertise in run coaching through our healthpro Run Clinic. Suitable for all levels of ability, Run Clinic offers one

11 March 2015 |  more ...

Run Clinic

  Discover, Develop and excel your Runner Within. This is a 10 week programme for recreational runners, from beginners to improvers. It is our goals

7 March 2015 |  more ...

Road Runners 10 week Course Starting April 6th
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