The bagel Bar working with healthpro Menu Mentoring

The Bagel Bar working with healthpro Menu Mentoring for better customer information 

The bagel Bar have been working closely with the healthpro Menu Mentoring team for over three years now, showing true leadership in their sector by providing comprehensive menu labelling both instore and online. Each of their delicious bagels, wraps, paninis, sandwiches, toasties, soups, salads and smoothies have been analysed by us to faciliate their customers in making choices that are appropriate for their needs. Check out their website on to see just how easy healthy eating at The bagel Bar is and make sure to enjoy a delicious lunch or snack at one of their many stores throughout the capital and nationwide. 


Would you like your favourite restaurant, cafe, or deli to care for their customers like The bagel Bar do for theirs? If so, let them know about healthpro Menu Mentoring services - we'd be delighted to help! The healthpro Menu Mentoring team can be contacted on +35386 4119222 or by email on 



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Published on 16 June 2014 | Back to June Articles