On the Menu Vegetarian and Vegan Diets


People are choosing plant-based diets for various reasons, from its' many associated health benefits, to environmental and ethical concerns, to religious beliefs. For Irish food outlet owners, the vegetarian and vegan market sector is a growing commercial opportunity. Help your food business successfully develop its’ market share through the following strategies; 

  1. Provide new and innovative dishes that will attract customer interest in the first instance, and frequently update, rotate and modify menu items to retain customer loyalty.
  2. Substitute meat and animal components of traditional recipes with vegetarian and vegan protein sources. Visit our our online healthpro Cookbook to view examples such as this tofu stirfry (https://www.healthpro.ie/cookbook/three-pea-and-tofu-stir-fry-served-with-coconut-rice/recipe).
  3. Create recipes utilising a variety of ingredients to maximise nutritional yield - e.g. beans and grains combined increase protein content.
  4. Familiarise your staff with the basic principles of vegetarianism and veganism so that they can cater for the specific needs of this sector with confidence.
  5. Signpost suitable vegetarian and vegan menu options via easily identified symbols. healthpro Menu Mentoring provides both menu labelling and nutritional analysis of your menu items. To find out more about our expert services, visit https://www.healthpro.ie/menu-mentoring or call us on 00353864119222 to book a free consultation.

By taking an innovative approach to vegetarian and vegan menu options, your business can successfully cater for a growing demographic of consumers subscribing to this dietary choice, thereby increasing customer footfall and profitability.  


Published on 13 December 2016 | Back to December Articles