Meet healthpro Personal Trainers Laoibhse and Daniel

September saw the welcome arrival of two new healthpro specialists to the team.

Laoibhse Griffin holds a European Qualification Framework Level 4 in Exercise, Health Studies and Personal Training, attained through the National Training Centre (NTC), and has particular expertise and experience in working with specialised groups such as the pre and post-natal, the elderly, and athletes from various disciplines. Laoibhse's caring, empathetic and inspirational character facilitates absolute trust, commitment, and dedication from all her clients, resulting in outstanding achievements. Her success stories are many and healthpro is delighted to provide our clients with Laoibhse's expertise in personal training and group exercise instruction.

Daniel da Silva, a native of Portugal, has recently relocated to Ireland to further his career as a health and fitness specialist. Daniel holds a degree in Sports and Physical Education, awarded by the University of Porto, and has a wealth of fitness instruction and coaching experience. He has particular expertise in rehabilitative exercise prescription following cardiovascular illness and sports-related injury, and has coached at both juvenile and adult level in a range of sports from swimming, to handball, to canoeing, to football, at home in Portugal and in the United States. Daniel has a calm and assured disposition, putting clients immediately at ease and inspiring confidence, and will be a valued asset to the healthpro team as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor.  




To book a personal training consultation with Laoibhse or Daniel, or to avail of their coaching skills through our ongoing healthpro Road Runners or Bootcamp courses, please call 086 4119222 or email They'd be delighted to help! 


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Published on 21 September 2014 | Back to September Articles