Medical Tourism

Health and wellness are currently highly prominent growth areas in the worldwide tourism sector (1). A recent emerging associated trend has been that of medical tourism. Medical tourism is the act of leaving ones’ home country to receive medical, surgical or dental care in another country, due to perhaps receiving higher standard care, accessibility or affordability. Ireland as a medical tourism destination is a relative newcomer to the market, but is seen as increasingly attractive due to the ease and low cost of mobility and the high standard of clinical care available, particularly in the areas of gynaecology and cardiac, pulmonary and cancer treatment. Whilst debate continues as to whether such activity represents cost or benefit to a countries’ healthcare system, it undoubtedly represents an increased market for retail, food and hotel industries. Medical tourists, by definition, have specific health needs, and will therefore purchase, eat and stay accordingly. 

So, as a food provider, what can be done to boost your business’ appeal to medical tourists?

  • Offer menu items that are nutritionally balanced including adequate servings of macronutrients
  • Provide low salt, low sugar, low fat, low saturated fat menu options thereby catering for renal, diabetic and cardiac clinical populations
  • Consider texture-modified menu options as an alternative for customers with dental or swallowing limitations
  • Target marketing campaigns to reach clinical populations which your business caters for

healthpro Menu Mentoring® can help your business to appeal to medical tourists by accurately highlighting the nutritional properties of the food you offer. Such information represents value-added service and proves you not only value their custom but understand and appreciate their health needs. Increase your customer base by contacting us on +35386 4119222 or by email on   



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