Love Thy Hamstrings

Much abused and not surprisingly, therefore, rather injury prone, the hamstrings (the large group of muscles located on the back of the upper legs) deserve better respect! Try this wall assisted stretch to facilitate lengthening and relaxation of the muscle fibres; 

 Stand upright against a wall with your feet together. Lean forward from the hips and bring your chest slowly towards your legs until you can get your chest to lie on your thigh, feel the stretch on the back of the thighs. Clasp your hands behind your legs and pull against to maintain the stretch. The closer your feet are to the wall and the straighter your legs, the more difficult it is to get the torso towards the thighs, and the greater the stretch on the hamstrings. Only stretch to your ability. Listen to your body and hold for 30 - 60 seconds,  release the hands and raise the torso slowly to exit. Repeat X 2 

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Published on 21 April 2015 | Back to April Articles