Life Hurts a doctors personal journey through anorexia

Dr Elizabeth Mc Naught is author of Life Hurts a book launched recently, and is cited as being a must read for anyone who is affected by an eating disorder. It is an open and honest account of her personal journey through anorexia and now as a doctor she is an advocate for eating disorders.

The book has been supported by the Chief Executive of Beat, Andrew Radford saying that it is an "unique perspective from medical knowledge and lived experience; containing vital insights for family, friends, medical professionals and anyone who is on their own journey through an eating disorder"  

This book is also championed by Dr Izabela Jurewicz, Royal College of Psychiatrists who states that she "recommends this book to patients with eating disorders and their families, and also to professionals and doctors learning to practice as health professionals".

We hope you find this book supportive. At time of writing this piece the healthpro team have not yet read this book however it is on their reading list. Once it is read this post will be updated with a review. 

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If you need support with an eating disorder please take the following steps: 

1) Please contact your GP, be open and honest and tell your doctor that you feel that you have an eating disorder. 

2) Ask your GP to connect you with a specialist eating disorder dietitian and psychologist or psychotherapist. 

3) Maintain a strong team around you that share your vision of recovery. 


Please see below to read a snipit from the book.


Eating Disorder Support


Eating Disorder Support


Recovery is possible, beat the fear and find your recovery journey. 

Published on 29 March 2020 | Back to March Articles