Food Service and Food Industry Trends for 2017

We take a look at trends that are rocking the food service industry over the past year and are due to continue. Have you been a food trend-setter in 2017?

#1 Breakfast is Becoming Brunch 

2017 is set to see a rise in the popularity of new breakfast foods, such as breakfast sandwiches and breakfast tacos. Offering an alternative to traditional breakfast foods such as cereal, toast, and scrambled eggs, the newcomers will be more gastronomically complex, packed full of tasty ingredients and flavour. In contrast to traditional foods also, these items will have aspects of portability, being convenient to grab and eat on the go.

#2 Generation Z

Born between 1996-2000, Generation Z are now aged between 17- 21 and represent a significant target market for food businesses. Generation Z are interested in eating freshly cooked meals and healthier options when dining out and are also keen to know about the nutritional content of menu items in order to make informed choices. 

#3 Restaurants Without Seats

Start-ups that are solely focused on efficient meal delivery to a person’s home or workplace are forecast to increase in 2017. This is evident in the growing numbers of courier-style food delivery services seen throughout the country, and in our major cities in particular. They are low- investment and low-cost units without dining rooms, often in relatively remote, low rent locations staffed by professional chefs. The increasing numbers of such food services is set to further increase consumer food choice and convenience.

#4 Vegetables

2016 saw a notable rise in fast food businesses offering vegetable-based alternatives to what was already on the market. This trend is set to continue in 2017, with Irish agents such as Chopped, Camille and Kanoodle, to mention a few, continuing their franchise expansion nationwide.  

#5 Bowls

The trend of bowls arrived on the scene with Acai Bowls, a smoothie, topped with oats, seeds, and fruit of your choice. Then came the Poke Bowl, cubed raw fish seasoned any way you want. With the continuing interest in health and healthy eating, more and more conumers are rejecting traditional bread and wrap sandwich choices and are opting for their greens and grains au naturale.     

#6 Enhanced Foods

Following extensive research and development activity in this domain, 2017 will see a plethora of new food products with added compounds to enhance their consumer appeal enter market. Foods supplemented with increased protein content have seen considerable growth in sales in recent years, and the addition of health-boosting botanicals such as Matcha and Ginkgo to suitable food items may be the next trend. 


Increased consumer health awareness and a demand for nutritious food that is novel and convenient apprears to be a common thread throughout these forthcoming market trends. healthpro Menu Mentoring®, led by our team of nutrition and dietetic experts, is helping a diverse range of Irish food businesses to benefit from this increasing demographic. Grow your market share by contacting us on +35386 4119222 to arrange a free consultation.

Published on 10 January 2017 | Back to January Articles