10 Things To Do Before Your Next Howth Challenge Series Event

  1. Buy It – Booking your event online in adequate time guarantees you your race number. It might also mean you pay less. Furthermore, nothing provides greater motivation to train and prepare adequately for an event like handing over your hard-earned cash! Visit https://endurancecui.active.com/new/events/67806051/select-race?_p=650551436524506

  2. Get It – Equipment for Aquathon racing is fairly basic but inadequate equipment will undoubtedly compromise your race enjoyment and performance. Visit reputable stores and try-before-you-buy for wetsuits, runners, tri-suits and goggles in particular – fit and comfort is paramount. Buy the best you can afford - monetary investment is likely to be rewarded by better fit, performance and longevity. 

  3. Fuel It – Fuel your body for the work it needs to do. Optimal nutritional intake is essential to protect health and wellbeing and to support successful execution and adaptation to training regimes. Likewise, come race day, the composition, amount and timing of food and fluid intake has a crucial role in maximizing performance. For personalized sports nutrition consultation, we advise engaging the services our accredited and registered experts; https://www.healthpro.ie/bookings/specialist/sports-nutritionist

  4. Work It – Your race will be so much more enjoyable and rewarding if you arrive at the start line with good physical fitness. Plan ahead to the date of your chosen race and schedule ideally, an 8 to 12 week progressive training programme, specific to the disciplines of the event (i.e. running and swimming). Think SMART when it comes to planning your training; https://www.healthpro.ie/inside-exercise/goal-setting

  5. Swim It – There are marked differences between pool swimming and open water swimming – water temperature, clarity, depth and surface conditions are but a few. Before race day, swim in open sea water (or open lake water as a second-best option) accompanied by a fellow competent swimmer and/or with kayak/boat support, wearing your race wetsuit, hat and googles.

  6. Brick It – For the novice, and even for the seasoned pro, the change in movement (and environment) from swimming to running can be an uncomfortable one. It therefore makes sense to condition your body by training the art. Following pointer No. 5, wear your tri-suit underneath your wetsuit and have your runners close to shore. Upon exiting the water, swiftly remove your wetsuit, swim hat and goggles, slip on your runners and go for a looped run (progressively increase run distance until your target race distance is reached). For best race simulation, quickly get up to race-pace and maintain for the duration.

  7. Stretch It – Repetitive and limited range of motion actions such as swimming and running can decrease muscle and tendon flexibility, thereby increasing likelihood of injury. Regular, applied stretching can act as a useful countermeasure. See our expert guide here; https://www.healthpro.ie/inside-exercise/stretching

  8. Prep It – Days before your race, gather all your required equipment and place together in one location. Consult the weather forecast too for appropriate post-race attire selection. This may include (but is not limited to) items such as trisuit, wetsuit,swim hat, goggles, flip-flops, sports watch, towel, runners, socks, talcum powder, race number belt, eyewear, peaked hat, water / sports drink, race food (before, during, and after), transition box / basket, post-race attire.

  9. Plan It – Consider how you will get from your place of residence, or work, to race registration on event day in adequate time. Our Aquathons take place on Monday evenings – both road and rail transport to Howth from your point of origin may be subject to delays at such times. Our Escape from Ireland Swim takes place on a Sunday morning – public transport options may not get you to Howth in time for registration. So, plan ahead to arrive in good time. Arriving with plenty of time to spare means a quicker registration and a calmer lead-in to your race start.

  10. Savour It – Having done all of the above to the best of your abilities, taper your training and your daily activities in the days before race day and take the time to look forward and visualize a great day out and a great race performance.


Published on 25 February 2020 | Back to February Articles