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Dr Elizabeth Mc Naught is author of Life Hurts a book launched recently, and is cited as being a must read for anyone who is affected by an eating diso

29 March 2020 |  more ...

Life Hurts a doctors personal journey through anorexia

We were delighted to attend the Fifth Irish National Eating Disorder Conference on the 28th February 2020. This was a day filled with current research regar

7 March 2020 |  more ...

The Fifth Irish National Eating Disorder Conference

Eating disorders are not choosen, they are psychiatric illnesses and nobody signs up to them. An eating disorder is an illness that seems to hold great

3 March 2020 |  more ...

Nine Truths About Weight and Eating Disorders

At the 5th Irish National Eating Disorders Conference in Dublin it was announced that the next meeting for the European Council on Eating Disorders (ECED) w

28 February 2020 |  more ...

European Council of Eating Disorders

Buy It – Booking your event online in adequate time guarantees you your race number. It might also mean you pay less. Furthermore, nothing provide

25 February 2020 |  more ...

10 Things To Do Before Your Next Howth Challenge Series Event
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