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Eating disorders are not choosen, they are psychiatric illnesses and nobody signs up to them. An eating disorder is an illness that seems to hold great

3 March 2020 |  more ...

Nine Truths About Weight and Eating Disorders

At the 5th Irish National Eating Disorders Conference in Dublin it was announced that the next meeting for the European Council on Eating Disorders (ECED) w

28 February 2020 |  more ...

European Council of Eating Disorders

Buy It – Booking your event online in adequate time guarantees you your race number. It might also mean you pay less. Furthermore, nothing provide

25 February 2020 |  more ...

10 Things To Do Before Your Next Howth Challenge Series Event

Ahead of the launch of Precision Performance Nutrition in January, 2020, we spoke with Course Director and Performance Nutritionist, Dr Alan Kennedy, to lea

26 November 2019 |  more ...

Precision Performance Nutrition

Meet Derek Byrne, Neuromuscular and Anatomy in Motion Therapist. Derek has an unique way of looking at pain and how to resolve it through a holistic as

28 October 2019 |  more ...

How to Treat and Resolve Pain
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